Wk 2 – Artist Interview – Gianina Nunez

My first artist interview for this semester was with Gianina Nunez. Gianina grew up in Pasadena and is currently a senior at CSU, Long Beach. She is studying drawing and painting to get a greater glimpse of the arts. Before entering the actual showcase, I first stopped by the table outside to get to know a bit about her. She started drawing when she was 9 years old and started still-life paintings when she was 10. Still-life is a form of art depicting inanimate objects. She told me that she had a very supportive family and she would always receive letters of encouragement from friends and family. She felt that she should give back and show appreciation to all those that supported her and those letters she received, inspired all her paintings in this showcase. Entering her showcase, “Love Always”, the first thing I noticed was that in every painting there was a letter. Her portraits are very vibrant and relatable because they resemble day to day situations that anyone can go through. Talking to her I could tell she was a bit nervous. Was it her first time displaying her work in a showcase? She seems to be a really shy person but she did a WONDERFUL job of expressing herself and her life through her portraits.


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