Wk 2 – Activity – Painting

So for this weeks activity we were to write our name with spray paint in bubble letters. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses in something. My weakness happens to be in art, spray painting in particular. I went through four boards, both front and back, trying to get myself to do my name perfectly in bubble letters. Truth is, it’s hard to write with a big can of spray paint in your hand. I have to give props to those that can do it and are good at it. I guess it was the pressure I faced with the spray paint because all I could think is, “If I mess up that’s it, there’s no going back”. Technically there is a way to “go back”, just get another board and start over right? But after my fourth board, I didn’t want to waste anymore money. I also got frustrated with myself so I decide to turn to paper and pencil. The paper and pencil graffiti was easier for me because there was no pressure. If I messed up, I could always erase my mistake and start over. Of course, I didn’t use spray paint for this. I used a pencil, and my bubble letters came out 100 times better. That’s the main reason why I like doing art in pencil.


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