Wk 3 – Activity – The Instagram Project

Nowadays, Instagram is a part of every young adults life. I, for one, check Instagram at least twice an hour. I check it when I wake up, before I go to sleep, when I’m in class, and when I’m eating. For the third week of class, our activity was actually a challenge. We had to take 4 pictures and post them on Instagram with the hash-tag #art110s15. I post at least two pictures a month on Instagram, so for me to post four within 24 hours, it really was a challenge for me. I posted pictures of myself, with my sister, with my boyfriend, and of an art piece that I really liked in the art gallery. Looking at the hash-tag, #art110s15, I could see all the post that fellow classmates have posted for this project. All the pictures didn’t have a specific theme, which is a good thing because we are not all the same, and we all do not like the same things. But you get to see what everyone is interested in. Doing this project not only helped me to get to know a little more about my classmates but it also made me realize how much time I spend on social media, whether it is Instagram or Facebook, I believe I spend at least half of my day, or even more, on social media apps.

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