Wk 3 – Artist Interview – Ian Robertson-Salt

My second favorite artist in the Marilyn Werby Gallery was Ian Robertson-Salt. Ian is a painting and drawing major and is minoring in Native American culture. I really enjoyed his all charcoal drawing, “The Order of Life”. In this drawing, the cougar and the falcon represent the heavenly world, the snake and the water represent the underworld, and the deer represents everything in between. Ian had stated that the underworld is everything industrial, polluted, and man-made. At the top of his drawing there are eyeballs that symbolize spirits in the heavenly world. Ian did this drawing for an assignment in advanced drawing with Professor Kiel Johnson. At first, this drawing was split into three. But to display it in the art gallery, he compiled all three drawings into one and added more image to it, becoming the biggest drawing he has ever done. When i first saw his drawing, I noticed that at the bottom there are factories. I thought that those factories had to be a main part in the drawing. What I got from the picture was that the factories caused too much pollution thus causing harm to nature, the animals, and Earth. But after talking to Ian, my ideas of this drawing were off a bit. But everyone sees art in different ways and gets their own assumption of an image. As the saying goes, “A picture has a thousand words.”


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