Wk 4 – Artist Interview – Daniel Rivera

For week four, I visited the merlino-gallery and interviewed Daniel Rivera. Daniel was born in Anaheim, CA and is currently majoring in Drawing and Painting. His art work was really nice. It took him two months and a half to complete it, only to give it away in the end. This piece contained exactly 700 blocks, but he only shared with us 255. He even offered to let us take home a block if we really wanted to. I didn’t get as much information out of him like I would’ve liked. He’s a hard egg to crack. He would get asked multiple questions and would turn most of them down by saying that everything we need to know is in his artist statement. So there is really not that much to say about him, because just like his responses to questions, his artist statement was short and not very descriptive. Although I enjoyed his art, I didn’t enjoy his being.


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