Wk 4 – Classmate Interview – Kyle Dinsmore

This week, I didn’t have anyone to interview. I was to shy to go up to someone and ask them if I can interview them. So I just sat next to a tree with my sister and a few friends. I was going to save the classmate interview until the end of class, but then one of my peers walked up to me and asked me if I had a partner to interview. This persons name is Kyle Dinsmore. Although he looks like a sophmore, he is actually a freshman. He is majoring in business but he doesn’t know specifically which area in business he wants to go into just yet. His favorite hobbies are playing basketball with his friends and playing video games. His favorite music is whatever is one the radio, or anything that keeps him in a good mood. His favorite food is nachos, short story: he went to a pool party at his friends house and they cooked nachos cheese in a crockpot, he served himself a bowl and liked the nachos so he decided to serve himself another 7 bowls throughout the day. Can you believe that, 8 bowls of nachos in 24 hours! But then he ended spending the night and threw up those 8 bowls, YUCK! His favorite drink is Dr. Pepper and Gatorade. When he was younger he liked to draw but nowadays he can’t draw! A unique fact about him is that he used to love trains. It was kind of an unexpected meeting, but I’m glad I got to know more about another peer. WELCOME TO THE BEACH, KYLE!


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