Wk 5 – Activity – Kickstarter



The videos that I picked in the first category are about dance. Plus Size Burlesque is from Chicago, Illinois and ‘Air’ A Dance Performance Art is from Sandpoint, Idaho. Plus Size wants to raise around $1,500, which they are getting very close to, and Air wants around $2,500. If I were to donate, I’d donate to Plus Size, however not to Air. Plus Size would get my support because of the message that the two ladies want to give out. A message to not just plus size women but to women of every size, shape, and age, a message that says that we are all beautiful no matter how different our physical appearance is. And they want women that have been dancing for years, and women that have never taken dance lessons but women that would love to perform in their burlesque show to prove that showing any passion you have can show how beautiful you are when you love what you do. These women interacted with their audience and showed an interest for what they are doing. For Air, I wasn’t very appealed to it. I think it was because the creator of the project didn’t have any kind of charisma, and wasn’t very persuasive as the first video. I thought her message that she was trying to send about the project was good, but she needed to be more persuasive and show that what she is doing really does mean something to her.



The next two videos I picked are about film. Fire on the Hill: The Story of the Compton Cowboys is from Compton, California and Game Over Web Series is from Auckland, New Zealand. Fire on the Hill wants to raise about $60,000, and Game Over wants to raise about $6,000 NZD ( about $4,500 USD). Fire on the Hill was very persuasive, however for Game Over it did the opposite and just made me want to turn off my computer. Fire on the Hill really grabbed my attention, and I thought this film is great because it’s showing that there are really cowboys that live in the city of Compton and it’s giving an awareness that Hill stable was what helped the community but since it was destroyed by the fire the director is sending a message that this community needs help and by helping to donate to this film will accomplish finalizing the film and help to send the message from the cowboys of Compton. The amount needed is very high but it has to be worth it in order to save a community and save it’s youth from gang violence. Game Over, I know it is a web series but using a kickstarter to just put clips from the show isn’t right. The point of kickstarter is to only just show clips of what is happening in the project but for the creators to talk about to audience. The voice of reason is said in their description but I believe it wasn’t very persuasive and it could have been if they recorded themselves and actually persuade and try to get their project going. I actually thought this was good but I didn’t want to watch just a clip of their series, I was really hoping that the creators would record themselves or have someone talk about their project.


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