Wk 5 – Artist Interview – Dianna Franco

When I peeped into one of the galleries, I noticed a lot of bright colors. I like bright colors so I walked in and was approached with more bold and dull colors that created such an amazing balance. The way the bold colors were painted in a form of something organic and natural, and the dull colors were painted as industrial. I thought it was amazing that the artist created a great balance of colors within each canvas. I was able to speak to the artist herself, Dianna Franco is the creator of these beautiful paintings. Her painting is based on the relationships between nature and civilizations found from micro to macro level in psychology and science. What fueled the idea of this exhibition is when she took a trip to the country side and noticed a difference from the city and the country side. Also, Dianna was inspired by the old buildings that are being consumed by nature, which was also from a movie that she seen that had nature taking over buildings. I thought it was really cool that she represented nature and civilization with these colors. Usually I would see artist use nature and civilization straightforward, that they want the observer to immediately get what’s going on in their paintings, but with Dianna’s painting it is the complete opposite. She uses her colors as symbolism, nature for bold and civilization for neutral. I thought it was even more interesting when she incorporated a psychological part to her exhibition. The bold colors not only symbolized nature but the brain and the heart, such as the brain waves from a brain scan or the veins from the heart. Dianna wanted her paintings to affect the moods of people when looking at her paintings. And she hopes to get the audience to feel the same way she does when she did these paintings. Dianna describes her paintings in this exhibition as siblings, I can see what she means by that. The paintings do like similar as to the patterns, but they each representing something different, just like siblings, they can have the same features from parents but they have different personalities. Speaking to Dianna about her paintings was great because she really enjoys talking to people about her art, what she get’s from it, and other people get from it too. She was very passionate talking about what she wanted people to think when looking at her work, and I thought it was beautiful. Dianna had this humble and bright vibe that she wants to make people feel happy, and I think that’s fascinating because most of the artist that I spoke to within the past weeks were too serious about their work and that they just don’t talk to you about it and just let their art and most of all their artist statements do the talking. But with Dianna, she lets herself and her art do the talking. I do hope to see her more often in the upcoming galleries.


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