Wk 6 – Activity – Yarn Bombing

This yarn bombing experience was very different from usual things I do but I did enjoy it. The only challenge that I faced during this activity was what I wanted to yarn bomb. I’m not very good at knitting, so I decided to use fabric and fabric bomb. When comparing graffiti and yarn bombing, there really aren’t much differences. They both were difficult for me to do. But this activity seemed to be a bit easier. For this activity, I bought a couple sheets of fabric and decided to make envelopes. FABRIC ENVELOPES, how fancy, right? To do this, I got a regular paper envelope and took it apart. I did this to see how the cut was made in order for me to do my own envelope. I tried putting fabric over the paper envelope, but it was just too difficult for me. So I decided to remove the envelope and give myself the challenge of creating it on my own without the help of a previously cut piece of paper. This project was time consuming but I managed to get it done. I also decided to yarn bomb my earphones, this was also time consuming but much easier than making envelopes from fabric.  The only difference between yarn bombing and graffiti writing is that if I were to make a mistake with what I did in yarn bombing, I can easily go back and fix it. With graffiti writing, whatever I did was permanent. Overall, I liked this activity because I felt that working with yarn was easier because you have more control. Yarn goes where you want to place it.

Visit to 2nd floor of FA2


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