Wk 6 – Artist Interview – Alanna Marcelletti

This week, I was really fascinated with Alanna Marcelletti’s gallery. She uses canvases in her work, and painting, but she also uses clothing, towels, and things that she finds around her studio. When I was walking through her gallery and analyzing each piece, I got this sense of femininity. It wasn’t just the colors that were used but it was the materials and patterns like clothing and towels, and the using of pieces of furniture. It was quite hard to hear Alanna because of the large amount of people in her gallery, however I was able to get closer to hear what she was saying and what questions she was being asked. For each of her large pieces it took almost a month to make. The big pieces are telling stories while the small pieces are more intimate portraits of characters. I think the small pieces represents someone in her life since she did say that they were more intimate. The most challenging part about doing these portraits for Alanna how different they can look from different angles. I read her artist statement that she “embraces both positive and negative results of outside influences upon the individual psyche including societal pressures such as gender roles, the need to marry, and heeding the biological clock in a delicate balance while pursing career goals” but I wanted to know what was the message that she is trying to send to her audience. She said her message is her identity of being a woman, narrative, and the aspect of feminism in a domestic view. I thought that was a great message that she wanted to send because I was sensing some sort of femininity while looking her art. When I was looking at pieces, such as clothing, there was a domestic sense too. Alanna was always a rebellious artist, like painting on glass instead of canvases, and her advice to aspiring artist is always experiment and have fun. I think when experimenting new things, not just in art, you get the chance to get out your comfort zone and start looking at things in many different perspectives. I agree with what Alanna says about experimenting, you become a more understanding person because you’re trying something most people aren’t willing to try and trusting yourself.


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