Wk 7 – Activity – Landscapes with a Corpse

So for this post I got my younger sister to help me, excuse her hair, she’s trying out this weird way to curl her hair without any heat. ANYWAYS, for this weeks activity we were to take a picture of a landscape with a corpse. But the corpse had to be the way you picture yourself dying. I picture myself dying in my sleep, sounds peaceful right? But it’s not, I see myself dying with cords tangled around my neck and an exploded phone next to me. The reason why I picture myself dying like this is because I cannot go to sleep if my phone is not next to me. And how I need my phone the next day for a days use, I charge it all night long. I know, it’s bad to overcharge a phone, and it’s extremely bad to put a phone by you while you sleep. But I do it anyways. WE NEVER LEARN, UNTIL IT BECOMES A MISTAKE.


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