Wk 7 – Extra Credit Follow Through – UAM

This was a really interesting collection of art that three women put together to make an impact of the amount of trash and that humans can accumulate over time. This exhibit makes one realize that we are surrounded by “stuff” and objects and belongings that we take everywhere and need to be around us even if we don’t really use it at all.  They showed us how we are consumed by our own stuff, hence the title of the works, Consumed.  These art pieces in this collection were designed to focus on the plastic and waste and accumulation of it and how we aren’t taking on the issue of being more resourceful and focusing on sustainability.  This was incorporated into Jedediah Caesar’s work of two pyramids of cut outs of the geobeds outside of Blythe, CA showing plastic and other trash embedded in them where people dump trash:

What’s surprising is that now landfills are filled with plastic lining to prevent from trash leaching into the environment but now we are encasing the trash and this is captured in the above pieces.  We are leaving a geological record left by plastics.

Before seeing this exhibit, I knew that garbage is a huge problem in today’s society. But I never knew that excessive garbage would cause for so many things to happen. It gives off a motive to want to do better for the planet that we are living on. We cannot take for granted something that is so valuable to ALL OF US.


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