Wk 8 – Activity – Remix Culture

This week’s activity of a remixed culture was fun and a little time consuming. What I decided to do, to get the task done but be on the safe side with copyrights, I created a selfie remix of my boyfriend and me. I attempted to blend all the pictures together, sort of a gradient effect. I don’t know too much about the boundaries with copyrights and I didn’t want to get into trouble with any lawsuits for using someone else’s work, so I decided to stay on the safe side and use pictures that belong to me and my boyfriend. I wasn’t able to diminish all the lines from every picture, but I was able to have the translucent effect I was looking for. The internet culture can be very vague in the sense that nothing is directly told. It’s not specific as to what we can and can’t do on the internet. Violations of copyrights are probably happening every day at every minute. Even though we were given the right of freedom of speech, what we say can be used against us at any time in our lives. To be honest, I can’t say much about the importance of having or not having a copyright. This is because I don’t even know anything about copyrights. All I know is, if something is copyrighted, its best to give the owner credit for their work if you were ever to share or use it somewhere else without their permission. But even then, I wouldn’t even want to share or use copyrighted work and take the risk of being sued for not giving credit correctly. I’ve chose to use the attribution 4.0 international, free culture license. Everyone and anyone is free to share and adapt my posts. This is because I don’t seek publicity or wealth from any of my posts. I’m just sharing my life experiences with everyone else around me. Whether they are inspired or bothered by my posts, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. So if anyone wants to remix my post, HEY! Go for it. Make me laugh a little. We all need joy in our lives.


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