Wk 8 – Artist Interview – Brian Davis “The Juicer”

This week I didn’t know which artist I wanted to interview. I was interviewing a classmate when my sister texted me that one of the artists was juicing. It was my first class of the day, and i haven’t ate anything, so I went to see what I can get into my tummy. When I walked into the gallery, I got this kind-of homey feeling. I see couches set up everywhere. At one corner of the room, there was a camera set up to take pictures of whatever you wanted, but at the far end of the room was were the crowd was at. Getting past the huge crowd, I finally seen what all the commotion was about. Brian Davis was make juice drinks for everyone! Being a college student, I like anything that is good and free. I was kind-of iffy about taking one of Brian’s drinks, he had all these vegetables and fruits on a table and her mixed both vegetables and fruit together to make his juices. At first I didn’t want any, but once he dropped some strawberries into that juicer, I grabbed a cup and I made sure that I was one of the first ones to get served. I thought the juice wouldn’t taste good because he had added lettuce with orange and some other vegetables, the juice was mainly made out of vegetables. But after adding the strawberries, everything seemed to even out and the juice tasted great! His main reason for juicing was to give nutrients to people to help boost their energy and make them feel better naturally. Brian wants to be at art hotels and juice for people as a living. He mainly wanted to do this in Greece until they had a bad turn in their economy. So now he is thinking about Maui and Italy. April 2nd, he will be moving to Italy, right outside of Sienna. I hope he has fun traveling and I hope one day he plans on coming back to juice again for us.


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