Wk 8 – Classmate Interview – Serena Carvajal

This week I interviewed Serena Carvajal. I never talked to Serena before, but the funny thing is that I went to the same high school as her and we actually had a Spanish class together. Serena is a first year freshman, WELCOME TO THE BEACH! She is a Civil Engineering major, just like my sister. In high school, she was in the small-learning community ACE. Serena was one of the few people that got lucky to get and internship at the Port of Long Beach. She is a member of the CSULB’s Ultimate Frisbee club and her nickname is Splash. She got this name when she was initatiated in the team, the only thing is that she does not know what the name Splash really signifies. She won’t find out until the club has a banquet and let’s everyone know what their nickname means. Serena likes going on adventures and hanging out. An interesting story that she told me was that when she was in the second grade, living with her grandpa, she lied to him telling him that she had to build a mission for school. She told him this lie because she just wanted to build something. She had told her grandpa that it was due a certain day, so she and her grandpa would work to finish the mission and when the day came that it was “due”, Serena didn’t take the mission to school.. So her grandpa, thinking that she needed the mission with her at school, took the mission to her school and left it at the office for her to pick up. When she picked it up and took it too class, everyone told her that her mission was cool-looking. I thought this story was funny, because instead of her asking her grandpa to just buy her something to build just for the fun of it, she lied to him and had him working on it, thinking that it would be graded. But this happened when she was a little girl, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t lie any more.


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