Wk 9 – Artist Interview – Michael Rollins

My artist interview for week 9 is Michael Rollins. Rollins’s artwork, in my eyes, are composed of different brush strokes on a canvas. His work looks like a mixture of different strokes with different colors because when he paints, he does not have any reverence material. So when he is painting, he does not have a set rule as to what he is allowed to to paint. This way he has the freedom and directness to paint what he feels like painting. Instinctive painting is what Rollins’s art is about. He just paints without having any restrictions to hold him back. With not only Instinctive painting, he also incorporates formal decision making. He uses Instinctive painting to express his personality while using formal decisions to connect something together. When he starts painting, he would experiment with his works. After a lot of experimenting and looking through his work, he would then find a starting point and style that he wants. Rollins has always had art in his life. Before being an artist, he was majoring in illustration at an art school. The reason why he was an illustration major was because he was afraid of the risk and uncertainty of being an artist. One day he say an artist himself, and was inspired to take the risk and become an artist. Being an artist brought him a lot of freedom in his life. He does not care about things and just does what he wants. Sometimes being an artist and working on your artwork requires you to sacrifice time with others.

In my opinion, I liked the mixture of different colors, but as for understanding art, I have trouble understanding the artwork. All I see are paint strokes on a canvas. I like it, but I don’t really understand the meaning. The only one who knows the true meaning is the artist himself.


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