Wk 12 – Extra Credit

3 MOST favorite activities:

  1. Painting & Drawing: I really enjoyed doing this because I got to spend quality time with my boyfriend and his family, something that we usually don’t do.
  2. Social Photography: I enjoyed this because I got to take pictures and post them to Instagram. Which is something very easy for me because I do this almost every day.
  3. Algorithmic Art: I enjoyed this because I got to do something that a coworker at work gets paid for doing, and hopefully after a couple of years working there I can go from a sales associate to a design assistant and help her with this activity.

3 LEAST favorite activities:

  1. Remix Culture: Hard to do this project because I didn’t want to take someone’s work and remake it as my own and end up getting in legal trouble for it.
  2. Architecture & Urban Planning: I enjoyed the activity but I what I don’t like it that my drawings came out crappy and that my drawings of the campus and how I want it to be will NEVER happen.
  3. Fiber Arts: It was difficult to find a place to do this without getting in trouble or yelled at.

A. Tuesdays in UT-108.  These classes were cool, I like the talks we had and understanding the project for the week.

B. Activities overall.  I liked all of the activities except for mainly the sculpting one as it was really out of the way to do.

C. Artist Conversations.  These were my favorite because I love looking at different types of art and talking to the artists intrigued me.

D. Classmate Conversations.  I also enjoyed these because I got to meet a number of awesome people and not just ask a few questions about their day but actually get to know who they are and why they are here at CSULB.

E. Using Your Website.  At first I would get frustrated with not knowing how to work it but now I know how to get around the website.  I like having that knowledge now to be able to create a free website and use it!

Thanks Glenn! This class was awesomesauce! 


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