Wk 12 – Activity – Algorithmic Art

I really didn’t know what to do this week for this activity. I would spend all day at school and work thinking about this, and then it finally hit me. One day at work I had a customer come in and buy a bunch of shirts. But when she bought them she left them there at the counter. I let her know, but she said she left it on purpose. She left behind seven shirts for one of the design people to do some cutting and weaving to the back and sides of her shirt. I’ve always been interested in this so I decided to do this on my own at home on a couple of my shirts.

Materials needed:

  • T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Hands


  1. Place shirt face down
  2. Fold the back of the shirt in half (make sure you just grab the back of the shirt only)
  3. Starting from the top of the shirt, cut straight slits on the back fold
  4. Create a diagonal pattern, shortening the length of each cut as you go down
  5. Keep cutting until the diagonal is complete (stops at the fold)
  6. Unfold the shirt, keeping it face down
  7. Take the 2nd strand from the top and weave it under the 1st strand
  8. Cross the 2nd strand back over the top and pull down to the 3rd strand
  9. Bring the 3rd strand under the 2nd and loop over like the first weave
  10. Repeat this step, bringing the bottom strand under, then over the one above
  11. Cut the last loop in half
  12. Tie the cut ends to the loop above it to secure

If you want to add a middle chain:

  1. Roll the weaved parts to the side, to make room for the chain
  2. Take the top strand and cross over making a loop
  3. Pull the 2nd strand under and through the loop
  4. Cross over the 2nd strand to make another loop
  5. Pull the 3rd strand under and through the loop (like before)
  6. Repeat this process all the way down the strands until you reach the bottom
  7. Cut the last loop in half
  8. Tie the cut ends to the loop above it to secure
  9. Trim the ends
  10. Stop.



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