Wk 15 – Artist Interview – Elia Murray

The exhibit that I went to this week was part of the 2015 BFA Illustration/Animation Senior Show. It was called “Drawn out.” It was filled with many unique artist. I happened to interview the great Elia Murray. Her art is influenced by her creatively charged environment. As Murray grew as an artist, she realized that her home and her family are what drive her artistic passion. She says the support from her family has sent her to where she is today.

When first coming to CSULB she was majoring to become an English teacher. Even though art was her passion she thought that it wouldn’t get her anywhere. Her mother watched her struggle with this life choice that she made and ended up forcing her to change her major into art. Now, Murray practices various forms of art, ranging from writing to sculpting fun, lively characters. She says she dreams of someday having one of her own characters come to life on the big screen.


Murray has spent over 5 years in school now and is happy and proud of all her accomplishments. I liked these particular characters. They were fun and different like something I don’t really see often. A lot of her other work sort of had a disney feel to it. I asked if she was ever intrested in working for Disney and she screamed, “YES!! That is a dream of mine.” She also said she had sent in her resume and application for an internship and is now waiting for a response.

Not only is she a great artist in illustration, she also writes short stories. She is finishing up one at the moment and is really excited. She is also working on a storyboard to write a book. Murray says its pretty scary if you don’t have a plan..

Interviewing Elia Murray was very interesting because she had a lot of aspects to her. She writes, she draws, and she sculpts. She is really the full package. I really hope Murray goes far in her career and I wish her nothing but the best!


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