Wk 12 – Activity – Algorithmic Art

I really didn’t know what to do this week for this activity. I would spend all day at school and work thinking about this, and then it finally hit me. One day at work I had a customer come in and buy a bunch of shirts. But when she bought them she left them there at the counter. I let her know, but she said she left it on purpose. She left behind seven shirts for one of the design people to do some cutting and weaving to the back and sides of her shirt. I’ve always been interested in this so I decided to do this on my own at home on a couple of my shirts.

Materials needed:

  • T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Hands


  1. Place shirt face down
  2. Fold the back of the shirt in half (make sure you just grab the back of the shirt only)
  3. Starting from the top of the shirt, cut straight slits on the back fold
  4. Create a diagonal pattern, shortening the length of each cut as you go down
  5. Keep cutting until the diagonal is complete (stops at the fold)
  6. Unfold the shirt, keeping it face down
  7. Take the 2nd strand from the top and weave it under the 1st strand
  8. Cross the 2nd strand back over the top and pull down to the 3rd strand
  9. Bring the 3rd strand under the 2nd and loop over like the first weave
  10. Repeat this step, bringing the bottom strand under, then over the one above
  11. Cut the last loop in half
  12. Tie the cut ends to the loop above it to secure

If you want to add a middle chain:

  1. Roll the weaved parts to the side, to make room for the chain
  2. Take the top strand and cross over making a loop
  3. Pull the 2nd strand under and through the loop
  4. Cross over the 2nd strand to make another loop
  5. Pull the 3rd strand under and through the loop (like before)
  6. Repeat this process all the way down the strands until you reach the bottom
  7. Cut the last loop in half
  8. Tie the cut ends to the loop above it to secure
  9. Trim the ends
  10. Stop.



Wk 12 – Extra Credit

3 MOST favorite activities:

  1. Painting & Drawing: I really enjoyed doing this because I got to spend quality time with my boyfriend and his family, something that we usually don’t do.
  2. Social Photography: I enjoyed this because I got to take pictures and post them to Instagram. Which is something very easy for me because I do this almost every day.
  3. Algorithmic Art: I enjoyed this because I got to do something that a coworker at work gets paid for doing, and hopefully after a couple of years working there I can go from a sales associate to a design assistant and help her with this activity.

3 LEAST favorite activities:

  1. Remix Culture: Hard to do this project because I didn’t want to take someone’s work and remake it as my own and end up getting in legal trouble for it.
  2. Architecture & Urban Planning: I enjoyed the activity but I what I don’t like it that my drawings came out crappy and that my drawings of the campus and how I want it to be will NEVER happen.
  3. Fiber Arts: It was difficult to find a place to do this without getting in trouble or yelled at.

A. Tuesdays in UT-108.  These classes were cool, I like the talks we had and understanding the project for the week.

B. Activities overall.  I liked all of the activities except for mainly the sculpting one as it was really out of the way to do.

C. Artist Conversations.  These were my favorite because I love looking at different types of art and talking to the artists intrigued me.

D. Classmate Conversations.  I also enjoyed these because I got to meet a number of awesome people and not just ask a few questions about their day but actually get to know who they are and why they are here at CSULB.

E. Using Your Website.  At first I would get frustrated with not knowing how to work it but now I know how to get around the website.  I like having that knowledge now to be able to create a free website and use it!

Thanks Glenn! This class was awesomesauce! 

Wk 11 – Artist Interview – Gabriel Garcia

Gabriel Garcia’s show of Toxic Masculinity expressed so much more than just the words displayed in his pieces. It’s really cool to me that so many people are using their creative skills and talents to not only create art, but to create something that can really relay an important message to their audiences. It’s important that art can be enjoyed but on a whole other level I believe that it is such an accomplishment to have your work really get its viewers thinking about an issue that we see in today’s world, no matter how heavy it may be. In Garcia’s show, he displayed many of the issues that are going on around us everyday. Just on social media websites alone, I see posts about feminist driven issues multiple times a day. I think that feminists are viewed to be advocates of women’s rights only when really that’s not the case. It’s important that these issues are addressed for both women and men! Which is why I think it is very important to see a male artist addressing issues such as physical abuse, gender stereotypes and common phrases that may be relaying the wrong messages to our youth. Common sayings that we hear all the time that Garcia chose to point focus on consist of “Man Up”, “Don’t Be a Pussy”, “Don’t ______ Like a Girl”, etc. These give men certain expectations that they feel they must live up to in order to qualify as a “real man” which only affects them negatively. Garcia shared that he got the inspiration to create this show from a combination of personal experiences, news events that have occurred over the past year, and issues and ideas that are going on currently. These are all ideas that aren’t necessarily new and that we can all relate to and voice some sort of opinion whether we share our own personal experiences or have seen people we know affected. Some of Garcia’s pieces conveyed really clear messages and others were a lot less obvious. When he was asked about the drawing of the pig and what is was meant to represent, he asked right back what we thought it represented. After a long pause of an unanswered question, he shared that his idea behind it was to represent the culture that we live in that has grown to be one big consumerist culture. In the United States we are lucky enough to be able to consume pretty much whatever we want whenever we want and it has made us greedy. I would have never thought to use a pig to represent this issue but I think it’s brilliant and actually makes a lot of sense!

Wk 10 – Activity – Student Choice

For this week, we got to decide what we wanted to do for our activity. My sister-in-law is having a baby girl pretty soon and I’ve always wanted to try to make hair bows for the past 4 years. So I decided to make Disney hairband with bows. I gathered my materials from different places. I got the regular black headbands from the 99cent store, Disney fabric from the swap meet and a glue gun and glue from Michaels. I didn’t know how to make bows so I looked on YouTube for some tutorials. At first, I just watched the video to see how easy/difficult it would be. After watching the video, I was confused on how they made the bows so beautiful in such a little bit of time. So what I decided to do was watch the video and make the bows at the same time. I stopped the video multiple times so that I won’t make a mistake. The hardest thing for me to do was the actual bow itself. To get the piece of fabric cut the right size to make the all the bows come out the same was really difficult. But after I got past cutting all the pieces for the bows, making the bows turned out to be a little bit easier. This activity took me about an hour long each headband, compared to the 15 minutes that someone on YouTube completed it in. But I’m a beginner and I know that with time and more practice I will be able to make more bows within an hour. I spent a total of five bows and they all came out nice. I might end up making more bows and sell them to make a little extra cash on the side.

Wk 10 – Artist Interview – Kaclica Chinn

A little about Chhin is that she’s a senior at CSULB majoring in sculpting but she still has about one to two years left here. After taking 3D art in high school, she knew she wanted to be an arts major. The reason she chose sculpting was because she can use a bunch of materials. This exhibit was her first time doing life castings and she is probably going to wait about a month or two before doing more life castings. The hardest part about being a sculpteror is finding out what to do with the piece after it was used as she doesn’t know what to do with the plastered wall of sexual body parts. There was a bright pink sign on the door saying “explicit material inside” and this gathered up my curiosity. Right behind the door was a giant masterpiece of plastered and sculptured sexual body parts on the makeshift sculpted wall. These body parts belonged to 9 different males and females and were placed on the wall right side up, sideways, and upside down. Chhin explained how making a sculpture of a hand would take around 10 minutes whereas a plaster of someone’s bottom will take anywhere around 30 minutes to an hour and this wall took about three days to make!  She said it came from three different girls who waited on lying down on their stomachs as I didn’t understand how they could stand like that for so long!  On the opposite side of the plastered wall there was a lit up figure of several vulvas put together to make a light. The reason Chhin decided to make sexual body parts was to bring something usually people feel uncomfortable about right up to their faces. She wanted to surprise people, which also holds true to the mysterious black box with holes in it behind the wall of sexual body parts. Some classmates and I noticed hand sanitizer on top of the box and wondered “are we supposed to put our hands in these holes?”  We kept telling the others to put their hands in first, I have to admit I was a little bit nervous about doing it. Then we read the title of the exhibit above the box that read “curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction brought it back.”  So we began to cool down a bit about what was in there. Finally I put my hand into the holes and I grabbed a fake breast that felt rubbery and real. I was definitely shocked but then wanted to see what was in the other holes.

Wk 9 – Artist Interview – Michael Rollins

My artist interview for week 9 is Michael Rollins. Rollins’s artwork, in my eyes, are composed of different brush strokes on a canvas. His work looks like a mixture of different strokes with different colors because when he paints, he does not have any reverence material. So when he is painting, he does not have a set rule as to what he is allowed to to paint. This way he has the freedom and directness to paint what he feels like painting. Instinctive painting is what Rollins’s art is about. He just paints without having any restrictions to hold him back. With not only Instinctive painting, he also incorporates formal decision making. He uses Instinctive painting to express his personality while using formal decisions to connect something together. When he starts painting, he would experiment with his works. After a lot of experimenting and looking through his work, he would then find a starting point and style that he wants. Rollins has always had art in his life. Before being an artist, he was majoring in illustration at an art school. The reason why he was an illustration major was because he was afraid of the risk and uncertainty of being an artist. One day he say an artist himself, and was inspired to take the risk and become an artist. Being an artist brought him a lot of freedom in his life. He does not care about things and just does what he wants. Sometimes being an artist and working on your artwork requires you to sacrifice time with others.

In my opinion, I liked the mixture of different colors, but as for understanding art, I have trouble understanding the artwork. All I see are paint strokes on a canvas. I like it, but I don’t really understand the meaning. The only one who knows the true meaning is the artist himself.

Wk 8 – Classmate Interview – Serena Carvajal

This week I interviewed Serena Carvajal. I never talked to Serena before, but the funny thing is that I went to the same high school as her and we actually had a Spanish class together. Serena is a first year freshman, WELCOME TO THE BEACH! She is a Civil Engineering major, just like my sister. In high school, she was in the small-learning community ACE. Serena was one of the few people that got lucky to get and internship at the Port of Long Beach. She is a member of the CSULB’s Ultimate Frisbee club and her nickname is Splash. She got this name when she was initatiated in the team, the only thing is that she does not know what the name Splash really signifies. She won’t find out until the club has a banquet and let’s everyone know what their nickname means. Serena likes going on adventures and hanging out. An interesting story that she told me was that when she was in the second grade, living with her grandpa, she lied to him telling him that she had to build a mission for school. She told him this lie because she just wanted to build something. She had told her grandpa that it was due a certain day, so she and her grandpa would work to finish the mission and when the day came that it was “due”, Serena didn’t take the mission to school.. So her grandpa, thinking that she needed the mission with her at school, took the mission to her school and left it at the office for her to pick up. When she picked it up and took it too class, everyone told her that her mission was cool-looking. I thought this story was funny, because instead of her asking her grandpa to just buy her something to build just for the fun of it, she lied to him and had him working on it, thinking that it would be graded. But this happened when she was a little girl, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t lie any more.