Wk 3 – Activity – The Instagram Project

Nowadays, Instagram is a part of every young adults life. I, for one, check Instagram at least twice an hour. I check it when I wake up, before I go to sleep, when I’m in class, and when I’m eating. For the third week of class, our activity was actually a challenge. We had to take 4 pictures and post them on Instagram with the hash-tag #art110s15. I post at least two pictures a month on Instagram, so for me to post four within 24 hours, it really was a challenge for me. I posted pictures of myself, with my sister, with my boyfriend, and of an art piece that I really liked in the art gallery. Looking at the hash-tag, #art110s15, I could see all the post that fellow classmates have posted for this project. All the pictures didn’t have a specific theme, which is a good thing because we are not all the same, and we all do not like the same things. But you get to see what everyone is interested in. Doing this project not only helped me to get to know a little more about my classmates but it also made me realize how much time I spend on social media, whether it is Instagram or Facebook, I believe I spend at least half of my day, or even more, on social media apps.

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Wk 2 – Activity – Painting

So for this weeks activity we were to write our name with spray paint in bubble letters. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses in something. My weakness happens to be in art, spray painting in particular. I went through four boards, both front and back, trying to get myself to do my name perfectly in bubble letters. Truth is, it’s hard to write with a big can of spray paint in your hand. I have to give props to those that can do it and are good at it. I guess it was the pressure I faced with the spray paint because all I could think is, “If I mess up that’s it, there’s no going back”. Technically there is a way to¬†“go back”, just get another board and start over right? But after my fourth board, I didn’t want to waste anymore money. I also got frustrated with myself so I decide to turn to paper and pencil. The paper and pencil graffiti was easier for me because there was no pressure. If I messed up, I could always erase my mistake and start over. Of course, I didn’t use spray paint for this. I used a pencil, and my bubble letters came out 100 times better. That’s the main reason why I like doing art in pencil.

Wk 2 – Artist Interview – Gianina Nunez

My first artist interview for this semester was with Gianina Nunez. Gianina grew up in Pasadena and is currently a senior at CSU, Long Beach. She is studying drawing and painting to get a greater glimpse of the arts. Before entering the actual showcase, I first stopped by the table outside to get to know a bit about her. She started drawing when she was 9 years old and started still-life paintings when she was 10. Still-life is a form of art depicting inanimate objects. She told me that she had a very supportive family and she would always receive letters of encouragement from friends and family. She felt that she should give back and show appreciation to all those that supported her and those letters she received, inspired all her paintings in this showcase. Entering her showcase, “Love Always”, the first thing I noticed was that in every painting there was a letter. Her portraits are very vibrant and relatable because they resemble day to day situations that anyone can go through. Talking to her I could tell she was a bit nervous. Was it her first time displaying her work in a showcase? She seems to be a really shy person but she did a WONDERFUL job of expressing herself and her life through her portraits.